Your mouth is the most widely used entry point into your body. After all, you eat and drink every single day. Unfortunately, since it is used so often, it also makes a great entryway for bacteria and germs to get into your body. For these reasons, taking care of your oral health is imperative in maintaining good overall health and wellness. In fact, the American Medical Association (AMA) and Insurance Axilllaries (those who look at longevity of life) have determined people with healthy mouths live at least 7 years longer. Who wouldn’t want to live longer?

To maintain your oral health, you must brush and floss twice per day, and also remember to visit your dentist for a cleaning and exam at least every 6 months. If you have pockets 5 mm or deeper with or without bleeding, you have developed gum disease and you at least need a deep cleaning. If your pockets do not decrease in depth and/ or the bleeding doesn’t decrease with this non-surgical treatment, you are failing to remove all the germs and bacteria from your mouth and are at risk of losing your teeth, your smile, your ability to chew… and increasing your risk for serious medical issues. It is critical to see a periodontist to save your overall health and smile.

Oral Health

Dr. Donald Ratcliffe of Staten Island University Hospital says:

“There’s a relationship between the bacteria—and the inflammation that bacteria cause in the mouth—and a lot of other diseases.”

If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you have probably read a time or two that gum disease is linked to many other diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. 

What other diseases may be linked to your oral hygiene/oral health practices?

  • Arthritis
  • Premature labor
  • Osteoporosis
  • Respiratory infections
  • Dementia

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