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The dental implant process generally takes anywhere from three to six months to complete, from initial implant placement to final restoration.  However, our doctors are pleased to also offer the Teeth-In-A-Day procedure to allow patients to go home with a fully functional arch of teeth on the same day their implants are placed.

What Are Teeth-In-A-Day?

Using the all-on-4 dental implant supported restoration allows your jaw to be less impacted than with a full mouth of individual dental implants. It also incurs a lower cost than would be required for a full set of individual implants. In addition, a temporary restoration can be placed before you leave our office, allowing you to return to normal speech and chewing function without waiting months for healing to occur.

How Does The Teeth-In-A-Day Work?

Detailed 3D imaging technology provides extremely accurate dental implant placement, allowing for the best possible stability and a higher incidence of implant acceptance.

Once the plan is created for your surgery, Dr. Godat will place the dental implants into your jawbone, provide you with a temporary restoration that attaches to and is supported by the implants.

After the implant sites are fully healed and the jawbone has fused with the titanium, the final customized restoration will be permanently attached to the implants and your new arch of functional, beautiful teeth will be complete.

How Do I Care For My Teeth-In-A-Day?

The Teeth-In-A-Day procedure generally sees patients recover swiftly and with minimal discomfort. Caring for your new teeth can be accomplished similarly to caring for your original teeth, with routine brushing, flossing, and visits to your periodontist to check and maintain your restoration.

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