Let’s talk about your smile. Is it looking great, beautiful and perfectly aligned, dazzling in every picture that’s taken of you, but something still seems missing? At Periodontal Associates of Memphis, we have important information to share. It’s about the latest advances in gentle cosmetic laser technology for an important part of your mouth that you may not think about separately: your gums. Take a moment and look at your smile, and see if they might be the distraction from your appearance that you’ve been overlooking. In fact, if you’re like most patients, you thought there wasn’t anything you could do about them, they’re just what you’re born with. That would be a shame, because Dr. Godat and Dr. King can do so much to make your smile amazing. Actually, we can do a lot for your gums as well.

Your Mouth is an Important Part of Daily Life

Your attractive, carefully-designed smile may look great for pictures, but in real life you laugh, sing, talk, and more, with your whole mouth showing, including your gums. To bring together the whole picture, many of our patients with gum discolorations choose gum bleaching. It’s a form of laser-based depigmentation that involves minimal discomfort and produces results that people notice. There are many reasons why patients are not happy with the way their gums look:

  • They may simply be darker or more irregularly pigmented than you prefer.

  • Certain medications may produce black or gray gum pigmentation.

  • Contact with metallic dental amalgam filling material can discolor gums.

  • A blue nevus, a type of skin lesion, may appear on your gums.

  • Addison’s disease or other endocrine disorders can cause discoloration.

  • Serious infections or oral cancer may result in changes to gum appearance.

  • Smoking or exposure to heavy metals can darken gums.

  • Even if you’re comfortable with the color of your gums, it may vary.

In addition to improving gum appearance, our Dr. Godat and Dr. King can also provide referrals and information if conditions requiring medical treatment are involved in gum discoloration. In some cases, gum discoloration can reflect lifestyle concerns which can be addressed.

What is Gum Bleaching in 2023?

Modern treatment for gum discoloration is different from tooth whitening and other chemical processes. At Periodontal Associates of Memphis, it’s performed using a special kind of laser that’s designed to target melanin, the body’s chemical used in skin pigmentation. By balancing the levels of melanin in the gums, we can consistently reduce pigmentation, address specific spots or lesions, or target discoloration for an attractive look. When you smile broadly, open your mouth and talk or laugh, or otherwise show your beautiful teeth and gums, you’ll be glad you chose gum bleaching for a healthy, even appearance.

Is There Anything I Can Do at Home for My Gum Appearance?

Keeping your gums healthy is always a top priority. They play several important roles in your oral health, and you can definitely do things to maintain their health. Eating well, getting plenty of fluids, and using the right toothpaste and rinse are a few of the ways you can maintain healthy gums. Our team can help you determine how to make the right choices for your gums. With healthy gum care, your gums have an underlying vibrance that gum bleaching can enhance.

Is There Anything Wrong with Darker Gums?

As with any cosmetic concern, it’s what’s right for you that counts. Many patients choose to lighten darker gums for a pinker, healthier look that blends better with their teeth. Addressing irregular patterns of discoloration is a common concern, since it can draw attention away from healthy teeth. Various causes can result in discoloration of your gums that contrasts with the rest, and could benefit from treatments to smooth their appearance.

The Light Walker Laser

At Periodontal Associates of Memphis, we use the Light Walker Laser, a leading dental laser using erbium laser technology well-known in cosmetic dermatology applications. It’s a natural choice for precise, consistent, and gentle changes to the surface layers of the skin, including melanin content. While other types of lasers have been used in the past, this new device optimizes the effects that we can achieve with the gentlest laser technology.

Reasons You Might Want to Consider Gum Bleaching in 2023

Many patients choose cosmetic procedures and other dental care to produce a beautiful, consistent, and personal smile that they can be proud of. As their teeth evolve into the smile they’ve dreamed of, they realize that the whole picture includes their gums as well. Healthy-looking gums are an attractive part of your smile, and can enhance it in ways you never realized. Patients tend to take action to improve their appearance when they realize it can make a difference. Otherwise, they may try to tune out what bothers them that they have no power over. With gum bleaching by Dr. Godat and Dr. King, you have the chance to further enhance your smile in ways that you’ll feel great about. Some important reasons patients choose to improve their gums’ contribution to their smile include:

  • Appearance on modern high-definition television or photography.

  • Professional singing, speaking, and presenting.

  • Up close and personal jobs, like sales or beauty consultant.

  • Looking great for family pictures.

  • Presenting your best self as an executive, attorney, or public speaker.

  • Adding extra zing to your relationship.

  • Simply feeling more confident about your face and smile!

Incorporating Gum Bleaching with Other Smile Enhancements for 2023

As the new year arrives and advances, you’re probably thinking about how to take another step forward in how you present yourself in life. While we’re focusing on gum bleaching as an evolving technology that’s easier than ever to implement, it’s one of many ways that we can help you look your best with a beautiful smile. We encourage you to visit our office for a whole-smile consultation, and present gum bleaching as a way to even the pigment of your gums to enhance dental and gum treatments you’re experiencing. Our team can help you envision your look with beautiful teeth, smooth, healthy-looking gums to match, and treatments to address any discolorations or pigment markings that might otherwise mar the effect. This is the year to bring it all together and look great at Periodontal Associates of Memphis. Contact us to schedule an appointment and get started!