In our previous blog article, Dr. Godat commenced a discussion about “gummy smiles.” In this article, Dr. Godat discussed what factors play a role in making your smile appear gummy and what can cause those things to occur. Unfortunately, there are many, many, people who are dissatisfied with their smile due to excessive gingival display.

Luckily, for people who suffer from having a gummy smile, there are cosmetic procedures available that will help to reduce how much of your gums will show when you smile. These cosmetic procedures can help to restore confidence in your smile!

Crown Lengthening

The most common procedure that we utilize at Periodontal Associates of Memphis to eliminate a gummy smile is crown lengthening. Esthetic crown lengthening, or a “Gum Lift,” will correct the issue of your gum appearing gummy, by uncovering enamel that is covered by excess gums and bone tissue. In some cases, a gum lift will require a restoration to take place. A restoration will be necessary if your tooth is cracked or worn down. In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, this type of procedure will also improve the functionality of your smile. 

If you are interested in undergoing an esthetic crown lengthening procedure, you should know what the procedure is like. Typically, these types of procedures will utilize a VersaWave Laser in order to ease the procedure and healing process. When you undergo this procedure, your gums and bone tissue will have their shape altered in order to reveal enamel and natural tooth that are buried underneath the gum line.

Under normal circumstances, an crown lengthening procedure will take between one and two hours to complete. No matter if your procedure is for cosmetic or functional purposes, Drs. Godat and Craddock will utilize dissolvable sutures and a bandage to protect the area of the procedure, and ensure a healthy gum-to-tooth relationship. After your initial procedure, you will be required to schedule a follow up appointment to remove remaining sutures, and determine the success of your procedure and healing.

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