Not only does bacteria in the mouth cause gum disease, but it also causes bad breath.

Brushing your tongue regularly can help prevent bad breath.

Also known as halitosis, bad breath can be prevented by practicing good dental hygiene. Clean teeth, as well as a clean tongue, can improve your dental hygiene and prevent bad breath. Be sure to use a toothbrush to brush your tongue and remove any odor-causing bacteria that may have accumulated there. Some other contributing causes to bad breath may be from smoking, acid reflux, or lingering particles from foul-smelling foods; brushing your tongue can help to save your breath from all of them.

Dr. Godat suggests brushing your teeth and tongue twice a day. You should also floss and gently brush the gums at the same frequency.

Some Tongue-Brushing Tips:

1. Clean your tongue on a regular basis.
2. When cleaning your tongue, use toothpaste. It helps to remove bacteria.
3. Scrape your tongue with a tongue-cleaner or scraper using a downward motion.
4. After cleaning your tongue, thoroughly rinse your mouth with water.
5. Use mouth wash after brushing or scraping your tongue.

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