At Periodontal Associates of Memphis, often times we see people don’t brush for the recommended two to three minutes.  If a  manual toothbrush is used for the appropriate amount of time, and done with proper technique, it can perform as well as an electric toothbrush.   Other factors like coordination issues, arthritis, orthodontic brackets, gum disease, etc., can prevent complete plaque removal even if they do brush for the recommended time.  So some people can benefit from using an electric toothbrush to help overcome these issues.  What about children?  Ask just about any mom in the Memphis, TN area about their kids brushing and they will probably tell you their child has less than optimal brushing habits.  Electric toothbrushes can help a child to want to brush their teeth and to also brush them for the recommended time.   An electric toothbrush in some instances can be beneficial.

Even The American Dental Association (ADA) has issued several news releases on the matter.

The organization says manual toothbrushes can be just as effective as powered ones. The key to preventing tooth decay, say experts, lies in the way a toothbrush — electric or otherwise — is used.

No matter what kind a toothbrush you use, the bottom line is, brush your teeth and brush them PROPERLY for optimum oral hygiene!

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