Soft Tissue Ridge Augmentation

This procedure is used when a tooth has been lost and there is extreme loss of bone and/ or gum tissue under a bridge. When a tooth is lost an ugly depression in the gum and bone usually appears. The missing tooth is replaced with a “dummy” or artificial tooth (called a pontic) to fill this space. If significant gum and/ or bone has been lost, the ponitc must be larger and longer to fill the lost tissue space. If a pontic is longer than other teeth, this creates and unnatural appearance to the bridge and your smile. If the gum and bone has already collapsed, a Soft Tissue Ridge Augmentation Procedure may be the answer to reconstruct the deformed area to create a natural looking tooth and beautiful smile. If needed, sedation can be used to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

The below pictures shows an ugly depression in gum and bone under the pontic in a bridge.











Case Examples to solve this problem are coming soon.

The need for a soft tissue ridge augmentation could be avoided with an an atraumatic extraction and a socket preservation procedure by Drs. Craddock and Godat.