Although oral cancer is a deadly form of cancer, it can be treated. Oral cancer is actually one of the most curable forms of cancer when it is detected early enough. Unfortunately, many people do not take the time to receive an oral cancer screening and it is caught in later stages, meaning the success of the treatment is lowered.

To spot signs of oral cancer, the two common forms of screening include OralCDx and Vizilite Plus. OralCDx uses a brushing technique that detects abnormal cells in your mouth that have the risk of developing into cancer. Vizilite Plus operates by detecting any soft tissues in your mouth that can become oral cancer. These two screening options are widely available and are quick to complete.

If you have not had an oral cancer screening, we recommend you visit your dentist and talk to them about screening options. As we stated above, oral cancer is the most curable form of cancer when detected early enough.

Activities that can increase your risk of oral cancer are things such as tobacco use or alcohol, but they are not the only ones. Be sure to watch for our next blog where we will discuss some of the other warning signs of oral cancer.

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Are you concerned about the health of your gums?

Oral cancer can affect every area of your mouth, including your gums. There have been numerous studies on the association between periodontal health and your risk of cancer, you can find some of those studies here. If you are concerned about the health of your gums or show signs of periodontal disease, be sure to contact us at our office in Memphis, TN today!