You may have never thought of metabolic syndrome and dentistry as being connected, but, actually, dentists can assist individuals who endure this kind of ailment. Metabolic syndrome, which impacts 40% of US citizens who are 40 years or older, is a group of conditions that are associated with insulin resistance. This includes things such as diabetes, fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease, as well as kidney disease. Patients that go without treatment have a greater threat of stroke, heart attack, sleep apnea and more.

So, what exactly could a dentist do to help with metabolic syndrome?

Your dentist can certainly locate any indications that you may be developing periodontal disease. This disease is an early indication of metabolic syndrome. If you find yourself in this situation, the dentist will be able to help alleviate the disease, lowering your chance of kidney and heart disease. A study discovered that individuals with unattended periodontal disease increased their likelihood of fatality from heart or kidney disease by as much as three times.

Luckily, your dentist will be able to provide aid for you if you happen to be someone who is currently struggling with metabolic syndrome. One of the problems associated with metabolic syndrome is sleep apnea. Your dentist can offer assistance by providing you with a mouthguard that enables you to breathe regularly over the course of the night. Routine teeth cleaning is something else that can help you as well. By getting your teeth cleaned every few months by a dentist, they manage to clean tough to reach spots and scrub away any plaque you may have missed. This will likely ensure that buildup does not become a problem

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Good overall health is linked to good oral health, by simply going to regular dental appointments and applying ideal oral care you are able to improve your overall health.

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