Why use Laughing Gas (aka Nitrous Oxide)? Well many studies including one that was reported today by the American Dental Association show increased “numbness” when laughing gas is used. The study release today showed patients were more comfortable when combining laughing gas with numbing.

The study was conducted by the Ohio State University and a private practice endodontist (root canal specialist) in North Carolina.  There  were 100 patients in the study. A statistically significant amount of patients were more comfortable (achieved numbness) when laughing gas was used.   In fact, the study showed two times the number of patients were able to achieve numbness with laughing gas when compared to patient not on laughing gas.

In our office we also buffer our numbing medication to achieve greater numbness as well as to help decrease the “sting” of the numbing medication. We also may combined pill sedation and/ or IV sedation to create a good experience.