Perio Protect®—What You Should Know

Facts from the AAP regarding a tray delivery device marketed for the treatment of gum disease.

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Recently, questions have been raised in regards to the Perio Protect® tray, a product marketed for the treatment of gum disease. The following fact sheet aims to set forth some facts regarding this product.

What is Perio Protect®?

The Perio Protect® device is a custom-fit tray made by a specialized dental laboratory from impressions of the patient’s mouth taken by a dentist. The medications placed in the tray are determined by the dentist.

What We Know

  • The Perio Protect® tray was cleared for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on grounds that it is substantially equivalent to a previously marketed disposable fluoride tray. This type of tray is traditionally used to prevent tooth decay.
  • The FDA clearance process did not determine that the Perio Protect® tray has been proven to be a safe or effective modality for the treatment of gum disease.
  • The Academy is unaware of any randomized, controlled clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of this therapy that have been published in a peer-reviewed* scientific journal with a generally accepted scholarly reputation.
  • Numerous clinical studies have suggested that topically applied medicines do not reach the source of periodontal infections.

*Note: Peer-reviewed journals publish articles that have been reviewed by experts in the field. The peer-review process is intended to support publication of relevant findings and acceptable interpretations, while guarding against publication of unwarranted claims and personal views. Professionals look to the peer-review process to support solid scholarship in their field or discipline.