Patient Testimonials

Below are actual letters from some of our pleased patients:

“Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Godat and his entire staff. They explained the procedures well and took the time to thoroughly answer all my questions. The staff was extremely helpful with insurance and scheduling issues. Highly recommend Dr. Godat!”

Elizabeth F.

“My experience at your office was excellent. My laser surgery went well and my gums have made tremendous progress. I would highly recommend your office to friends and family.”

Lorie S.

“I will admit I was a bit reluctant about going to a Periodontist at age 79. I was put at ease from the first appointment to the last one. Dr. Godat and his staff were patient and kind to me. I was pleased with the outcome and I would highly recommend him and his staff to anybody.

P. S. I love my implants.”

Corinne H.

“Dr. Godat & Staff:

Thanks for the utmost professional care extended to me throughout the implant process. All were professional with a gentle touch (yes, a dentist with a gentle touch!) and explained the process as I went through it in detail, each step of the way. I am impressed with the incredible attention to detail that resulted in a perfect outcome. Each staff person and Dr. Godat were empathetic and caring. Thank for taking care of me!”

Greg S.

“I feel that everyone in this office has a great personality. They are so kind not only to myself but I witness others that were treated so nicely also. Thank you.”

Dianne F.

“Dr. Godat and Staff with much appreciation,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience while working with me. I couldn’t have asked for nice people than you guys. Thanks again for all that you do.”

Sonia A.

“I have the highest praise for Dr. Godat and his entire staff. Not only did they fix my dental problem they made me feel comfortable and safe every time I came in to the office. They were always professional and caring, something you don’t always find in any business but especially dental or medical offices. Thanks to all of you for outstanding care.”

Most Sincerely,

Rosemary O.

“I would not even hesitate to have an implant. The results were worth the self-imposed anxiety that really was easier than a root canal. Easier than a filling! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Cindy D.

Pamela S.


Sheila I.

“There is no better place in the Universe to have this type of dental work done now or ever! The entire staff, including Dr. Craddock make the experience so comfortable you want to come back even you don’t need services! They are the best!”

Terri M.

“Loved my experience at Periodontal Associates of Memphis. I was terrified of a tooth implant, but Dr. Craddock and his assistant Margie were wonderful. I never felt the first discomfort. The whole office was very professional and friendly.

Thank you all.”

Marilyn Lee

Pam H

“Dear Dr. Godat and Everyone,

Thank you for your compassion, understanding and encouragement to me Wednesday. I was so upset and you eased my mind so much. I have taken one muscle relaxer and am already much better. My sister-n-law has bragged about you so much. I agree you’re the “Tops”. Your whole office team is full of happy faces. Thank you for giving me smiles too. I’m so thankful my implant turned out great.”


Mary G

“Dr. Craddock,

Sir, I am very appreciative of your service and gentle attention to every step of my implant procedure. The dental assistants were exceptional during my procedure from start to finish. I have been to several dentists in my lifetime and none compare to you and your staff.

After having an implant done Dr. Craddock came in and asked me how things were going and I said I never had any pain or a complaint on the procedure. Yes, I would do it again.

I am highly recommending your practice to other service members and civilian personnel with whom I work that need dental attention.

Outstanding service skills, and to those of your staff, I give everyone an A+.

HOORAY to Dr. Craddock and his professional staff!!!!”

Deborah J.

“Last fall, I had a root canal fail. I had to have a tooth extracted and an implant placed. My dentist sent me to Dr. Mitchell Godat at Periodontal Associates. Their offices are located just off Poplar Ave. next to the Chick-fil-A near the corner of Poplar and Massey.

I have dental insurance through my employer. My dental insurance is through MetLife. Dr. Mitchell Godat and the office at Periodontal Associates is a preferred provider for those insured through MetLife. This means that you will enjoy a significant discount on their fees by having insurance through MetLife.

I arrived at Periodontal associates and everyone was well groomed and professional. The receptionists were well dressed, and all the techs were wearing uniform scrubs. I was taken back rather quickly, and given a panoramic x-ray. Then, I was taken back where an assistant looked at my x-rays and explained the basics of dental implants.

Dr. Mitchell Godat came in and was very friendly. He explained the whole process to me and gave me several booklets of information. They verified my insurance and gave me an estimate of the cost of the procedure. I opted for IV sedation because I was nervous about having a tooth implant placed while I was conscious. I also still had my wisdom teeth and they weren’t impacted and they were above the gums so Dr. Mitchell Godat agreed to take those out too at the same time.

I was made an appointment for roughly a month later. This was due to my schedule, not the doctor’s schedule. Periodontal Associates could have fit me in much earlier than one month. After we set the appointment, he gave me several prescriptions to fill before I had the tooth implant procedure along with instructions of what to take before I came in.

The day of my procedure went smooth. The staff at Periodontal Associates was very accommodating. When Dr. Mitchell Godat completed the implant procedure, he talked to my husband about after care. He gave us a pamphlet describing how to care for the tooth implant. On the pamphlet was the doctor’s home number for emergencies outside of office hours.

Dr. Mitchell Godat had great communication with my general dentist who referred me to him. He copied me on all correspondence he sent her regarding my case. I was always treated with the utmost respect.

If you need a tooth implant, I would recommend Dr. Mitchell Godat and Periodontal Associates in Memphis based on my positive experience.”

Meg G.

gum graft

“Thanks again to you and your staff for a successful restoration.”

John S

“I feel that everyone in this office has a great personality. They are so kind not only to myself but I witness others that were treated so nicely also.”

Thank You

“Dear Dr. Godat, I
just wanted to thank you and your staff for the outstanding care I received
during my dental implant procedure.
Everyone was so nice and accommodating.
I must admit when I came in for my initial evaluation I was concerned
over the cost and the procedure looked quite painful. I was surprised that there was little
discomfort involved with placing the implants.
The cost for the implants was money well spent. I have no regrets and would do it again in a
heartbeat. I can finally eat and talk
without my dentures moving around in my mouth. Thank you again for resolving my
dental issues. I would highly recommend
this procedure.”

Yvonne M.

“Dr. Craddock and Margie have been great. I have been to see
numerous dentists and I can say that I have enjoyed each visit I have made
here. I used to not look forward to the dentist’s visit in the past. However, I have a totally different outlook
on dentists thanks to the wonderful treatment that I have experienced here at
Periodontal Associates of Memphis.”

Melvin R.

“My dental implant experience at Periodontal Associates has
been exceptional! Dr. Godat and his
staff have been extraordinarily kind, attentive & professional. Due to the quality of their care I
experienced surprisingly little swelling or pain. My implant looks and feels great.”

Herbert H.

“Everyone was extremely nice and thorough. I always knew what was going on and what to
expect. The Dr. and staff are very
knowledgeable and well trained. It is
well worth having the procedure. The
process wasn’t bad at all! I didn’t feel
any discomfort during the entire process.
The end result was well worth it!
My implant is exactly like having a real tooth. I cannot tell the difference. I know it is much stronger and will keep the
rest of my teeth/gums healthier. I
really have no complaints. I would
highly recommend Dr. Godat.”

Paula S.

“For the first time I look forward
to coming to the dentist. Everyone here
smiles and seems so happy”.

Claire R.

“Dr. Godat, this is a heartfelt
thank you to you and Jane for comprehensive inspection and professional action
on my mouth. Following yours and Jane’s
recommendation to see an ENT, Dr. John Touliatos found, diagnosed & did
surgery on me. The squamous cell carcinoma
was completely removed. He said it was 1
in 100 to find early and remove quickly. I am healing now and have not smoked
in 5 weeks! I have gone to the
periodontal practice for decades to save my teeth, but you have saved my life
and life style. May God continue to
bless you and the skills you and Jane bring to patients.”

Most sincerely,

Edith H.

“Dear Dr. Craddock,

I wanted to write you a note and
thank you for helping me with my implant.
Everyone at your office was so nice and courteous and helpful to
me. It helped to make it a pleasant
experience. Would you please express my
appreciation to your staff? I’m
enclosing several of our company’s bookmarks which have my favorite quote on
them. I hope you all enjoy them
also. Thank you again for helping me.”

Harry S.

“I have been to a number of dentist
and doctor’s offices in my day, and I can honestly say this has been the best
experience ever. And it wasn’t just the
doctor, but the entire office staff is wonderful, kind & friendly. This makes a difference when a person is in
pain or just plain having one of those days. Prompt service, detailed explanations, and a positive attitude. Thank you for making this experience a good
one. Keep up the good work.”

Kim M.

“Dear Periodontal Associates of Memphis,

Thank you so much for your kind and professional care. Your genuine concern about my dental situation was so refreshing. I appreciate you seeing me so quickly and directing me to an Endodontist (root canal specialist) for my root canal. I am finally free of pain after 18 months. You, your staff and the Endodontist took care of my problem promptly and professionally.”

Thank you again,

Janet C.